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Dear Language Learner,

Have you ever felt disappointed, frustrated, discouraged, or even angry while learning another language — or maybe just with aspects of it, like pronunciation, grammar or remembering vocabulary.

Or do you find that your foreign language skills are holding you back in your studies, career or personal life?

What I’m about to show you could change your language learning experience and possibly life forever.


How Many Of These Language Problems Are You Having

  • You just can’t pronounce foreign words the same way the native speakers do or you can’t get on top of how certain sounds can be made.
  • You just can’t understand why despite all the hours you put into memorizing new vocabulary they just seem to vanish when you need them.
  • The grammar rules you study just seem to disappear once you start to talk.
  • You have troubles in understanding native speakers, though not your teacher or audio materials you are using.
  • You lack confidence in your speaking.
  • You often get stuck unable to say anything when you confront native speakers.
  • Language learning is just too hard and there seems to be no enjoyment in it.

If you agreed with any of the above, chances are you are learning like most other language learners world wide.

The rates of successful language learning world wide are truly alarming. Independent studies have shown, for example, that less than 5% of adults who study English as a second language ever make it to full proficiency. My personal experience would back that.  Rates of foreign language acquisition for children at school is typically even lower than that.

You may be wondering why what you are doing is so wrong, if so many people are doing the same thing you are.  Well, do you want to get the same results they’re getting??  I wouldn’t think so!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I want to let you in on a little language learning secret.

You see, a common trait shared by most successful language learners is they enjoy learning  Why? Because they’ve figured out ways to learn that are fun…

It’s important to remember that effort does NOT necessarily lead to success.  Digging a large hole with a spoon will require a lot of effort! The issue is to work smarter and find the right tools, and to enjoy it. Because without that we will soon give up.

Most language learners just keep using the wrong tools and find it all too hard. That’s why so many give up. Don’t get me wrong, learning languages isn’t going to be a walk in the park.  However, everything changes when you start getting results and you enjoy the process.

The 5 Most Common Hurdles Language Learners Face

# 1 Forgetfulness

This is one of the most common complaints I hear. It can be just so frustrating. I know because I have personally experienced it, not to mention having seen so many language learners suffer with this problem. After you try so hard and keep forgetting it is not surprising that so many language learners get disillusioned and end up believing that they don’t have what it takes.

The thing to understand that forgetfulness happens to you for the most part because the way the language is learned not because you are deficient in some way. Just consider the things you do recall effortlessly – like songs, birthdays, some juicy gossip – and you will then see what is possible!

#2. Not having enough time

In our modern society, and that includes most parts of the world, as there are very few parts that are not moving forward, there are increasing demands on our time. Time can become so precious that it really does seem like there is not enough time. Language learning does need time, so it is usually one of the first things to suffer when pressure builds on your available time.

Well of course that may well be case but by making some simple changes to how you learn you can experience increased effectiveness so the lack of time can become less of a factor.

#3. Frustration

Many language learners experience frustration because they are not advancing as well as they expect despite all their best efforts. Anyone would get frustrated if their progress does not eventually match their efforts. This frustration many times leads to disempowering beliefs, which only worsens the situation.

Again, once we change the how, the frustration starts to diminish because results starts to flow.

#4. Procrastination

This happens because you were frustrated. You want to put off learning because inwardly you are expecting more hard times and difficulties with no progress. So rather than suffer more, you just avoid doing it!  We can do this in many things but in language learning the result is poor language skills

Once you start to enjoy language learning AND getting results, it is amazing to see how the procrastination disappears as a factor.

#5.  Fear

It has been shown that one of the biggest factors that holds language learners back is fear. Fear is present a lot of the time because of a lack of confidence in one’s own abilities. Overcoming one’s fears is one of the factors language learners need to master.

By learning to understand the source of fears and how to become more confident in your language and hence yourself, fears start to diminish.

Why You’re Struggling With Language Learning

Just because people used candles for thousands of years does not make them the best way of providing light during the night. Imagine finding the power of using “electricity” in language learning!

Your beliefs about what is possible could have been holding you back. Our beliefs are one of the strongest forces in our lives. If you believe language learning is hard, then it will be. The reality is our past does not have to control our future. We CAN change our beliefs once we experience learning as not hard and not a grind.

Much of the time our beliefs are built on what we heard or experienced. However 2 people can see a glass half full and they may believe different things about what is in that glass. The one who believed it was half empty would approach it in quite a different way to the person who believed it was half full.

Not knowing what works and what doesn’t can hold you back and create those beliefs we were just talking about. Most of us were never educated beyond being told to study, memorise, practice and repeat. There is much more to language learning than that!

The truth is – there are some simple steps you can easily take to transform your practices and your beliefs. Once you know what to do you can literally “unlock” your language learning potential.


Why You Should Listen To Me

Andrew WeilerMy name is Andrew Weiler. I have been in the language learning field for over 30 years and in that time I have learned languages, taught languages and trained language teachers. Over that time I have seen and trialled many different approaches and techniques with myself and language learners and have observed first hand what problems people commonly face.  Most language learners I have seen believe (usually deep down) that they have not the required memory, intellect or capacity to learn another language well. The reason for that, is that the ways they have been taught or the way they are learning do not work. It’s not because they don’t have the capacity.

Most language courses get students to study grammar, memorise vocabulary, repeat after the teacher or a model. The “new” communicative model of language teaching, a more “recent” innovation and other blended systems have promised much but have delivered little, so improved rates of language learning have not been seen.

I became aware that most language learners were struggling, as I had in some of my language classes at school when I was young, so I looked far and wide to find ways that would overcome the problems they were having. I finally did come across approaches and understandings that I saw and experienced that did deal successfully with these problems. So I set about transforming my teaching, and eventually saw the the results of my students start to improve, many times dramatically.  The answers came in the form of:

  1. Learning of language must be driven by what the learner becomes aware of, understands and can produce without being spoon fed – NOT by the demands of a predetermined curriculum.
  2. Understanding that language is a bit like building a house. You need to get the essential blocks in place first ( keeping point 1 as a touchstone!).
  3. Long term and sustained learning only happens if the learner is driving it ( the teacher needs to work from the side).

These three understandings revolutionised what I did as a teacher and also what I did as a learner.

The next piece of the jigsaw fell in place when I decided to investigate how it is that some people can become extraordinarily successful in different areas of life. By examining the lives of some successful people, it was most revealing to find the commonalities they displayed. Interestingly I discovered parallels between these commonalities and the three answers I came to above, as well as a host of other factors. I took out what was relevant and applied them to the area of language learning.

One of these factors was the importance of beliefs in determining a person’s future. This explained a lot about some of the puzzling behaviours that I witnessed. I then set about applying some of the strategies that successful people use in my life and brought them into my teaching. Immediately there were positive changes with my students and I could see that I had discovered some missing pieces to the jigsaw.

3 Factors About Language Learning You Might Not Know…

#1. You are the one who has to drive the learning

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about learning foreign languages is if you follow the course, the teacher, the program you will learn the language. Nothing can be further from the truth.

At one level I believe every one understands this, but most people don’t know what to do to not be dependent upon instruction. It is impossible to get to the higher levels without becoming more and more independent. Very few people really teach you this or even talk about how you can drive your own learning. I am going to show you exactly what you need to do so you can start to take control.

#2. You Can Easily Waste Your Time

Most language learners spend a lot of time “studying”. However their progress does not match the amount of time they spend studying grammar, vocabulary and conversations. They either forget what they learn or are not able to use it when they need it. Most of the energy used in learning is wasted. No wonder people say they don’t have enough time to learn.

I will show you how to change that so when you learn a new language it will be more fun and your retention rate will be REALLY high.

#3. Studying Grammar Tables Is Ineffective For Most People

Are you afraid of communicating in a foreign language because you make frequent grammar mistakes? I guarantee you’re neither the first one nor the last.

Do you remember being instructed to memorize countless formidable grammar tables? Have you ever wondered how on earth you could ever pick out the correct ones during an actual conversation? 

Find out a simple approach to learn grammar that doesn’t require learning tables but simply gets you to learn it while you are going about your everyday life.


What people are saying about the Language Learning Unlocked

Language Learning Unlocked is a must-have, a must-read and a must-apply book for people who want to improve the results they are getting in learning languages. It takes you on a journey helping you to understand just why so many people struggle to learn a second language even though they learned their first with relative ease. This sets up the rest of the book inspiring readers to want to take on the challenge. From showing you how to re-contact and energise the powers we all demonstrated in our first few years learning our first language, to considering how we can best utilise the abilities we have as adults, to looking at language learning in ways that are not traditionally looked at, Andrew has put together a book that can show language learners how they can take their language learning to a whole new level.
Suzanne McKinnon, Dean
Faculty of Education, Service Skills and Environment, Holmesglen Institute, Australia


This book aims to remove possibly the most debilitating issue that holds back language learners: the widespread belief that successful bilingualism is reserved for the privileged few.  Andrew Weiler’s book shows how  exactly what is entailed in becoming a skilled and confident user of another language can help  transform the experience for many people.   Between the recent explosion of research based knowledge about successful language learning and current practices in education and learner expectation there  resides a large chasm.  Filling this is Mr. Weiler’s aim.  His vision is for universal success, a goal whose achievement we should all welcome and which this important book will help make achievable.
Joseph Lo Bianco, Professor of Language and Literacy Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne. Australia


Taking us away from traditional models of language learning, Andrew has presented us with a refreshing alternative that is a must read for anyone who wants to find the key to achieve fluency in another language. Readers will be inspired by the insights Andrew has provided about the abilities and potential that all of us have. Language Learning Unlocked is a book that has dispensed with the current language teaching and learning paradigms that permeate most language courses. It is a valuable contribution to the field of language learning that will enable readers to gain an understanding of not just why they can become proficient in another language but also how to do it.
Anthony Pollock IDP Education 2005-2011


This extraordinary book combines the most practical, proven techniques of rapid learning into one place to help you master any language – faster than you thought possible.
Brian Tracy, Speaker, Author of 
“Goals! How to Get Everything You Want–Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible”


AbdulKarim GaleaAndrew’s book is about much more than language learning. He explores the inner workings of our learning faculties to unlock the learning potential inherent in all of us. He takes us on a journey of self-discovery which gives us the opportunity to understand learning and how this can be utilised in mastering language.  And since language is man’s highest learning accomplishment, the lessons can be extrapolated into any area our interest and motivation may take us. But success requires attention and effort, and Andrew’s passion for his subject can carry us to new heights of insight if we but labour with him.

AbdulKarim Galea, Principal

Australian International Academy, Australia


This book is a holistic exploration into human motivation, inspiration, passion and ‘way’ with a focus on language learning. It reminds us of our insecurities and hurdles we are all confronted by in life but also paints a clear picture of our innate abilities as humans to learn and cope with those challenges in life. Awareness and intuition should be at the core of everything we undertake and language learning should be no exception! Included in this book are some exceptional tools, analogies, activities and methods for motivated learners to really start the ball rolling towards proficiency and mastery of a second language.

Ilana Grosman,  English Language Teacher


By taking on Andrew Weiler’s suggestions…..students can at last take full responsibility for their own language and learning. They can learn to understand their own temperaments and develop true listening skills with sharper focus. They can learn to pay attention and tune into their own experiences in powerful ways. ‘Language learning unlocked’ is sure to be a revelation to frustrated educators in mainstream environments.

It brilliantly describes concepts that science and education have been merely grasping at in the past decade. ‘Language learning unlocked’ uncovers the missing links in education. It examines the importance of attention and awareness with breath-taking precision. The lessons laid out in this book serve as an exciting launching pad for inspired evolution in learning as we know it. It is a blue print of the learner experience that we cannot do without in the 21st century.

Sylvia Guinan   English Language Teacher, Blogger, Materials Developer


What I have put together I have learned from some of the great educators and most successful people. You are getting here distilled insights and strategies for language learners that not even language teachers use, as they are still using methods that have only produced the kind of results that I referred to before.

By following the suggestions made you can start to unlock your language learning potential. These strategies will set you on a path that will enable you to learn to use whatever resource you have access to in a way which will give you maximum reward, enjoyment and satisfaction.

All of this has been put in a book where you will find tools, shortcuts and strategies that will make your language learning more effective. In addition, by purchasing this book you will be able to immediately access 7 custom built bonuses, ALL created to enable you to transform your language learning as quickly as possible.


Language Learning Unlocked

Digital copy of Language Learning Unlocked – $9.95
Can immediately download

Shopping Cart

Get Your Hard Copy Here

What you will find out:

  • Understanding what you have been doing wrong and why
  • Understanding what you need to do to learn effectively
  • Numerous strategies that can help you to:   
    • Enjoy your learning
    • Improve your pronunciation
    • Improve your confidence
    • Improve your listening
    • Be able to express yourself more easily

Language Learning Unlocked is the combination of years of research, learning languages and teaching languages. It provides the missing keys for many people who have had difficulties in learning another language.

When you get your copy of Language Learning Unlocked today here is a small sample of what you will discover:

The single most important principle any language learner must keep foremost in their mind when learning a foreign language

An understanding of human memory that will literally save you hundreds of hours and a lot of frustration when learning foreign vocabulary

How to use your time you never knew you had to keep learning instead of wasting these times

To ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting real value from the book so you can immediately start using what you are learning I have included 7 bonuses with it. These bonuses are absolutely FREE of charge to you, once you purchase the book. They are designed to help you better understand what you can do to unlock your language learning potential AND to provide tools you can use to immediately implement what you are learning

The total value of these bonuses is $170.  So by purchasing this book you have access to understandings and strategies that could by themselves completely transform what you do and you also can right now download 7 different bonuses that individually could do exactly the same. So put it all together and you can have access to a really large array of tools at your fingertips.

By unlocking your language learning potential you will be able to:

  • find energy you need to keep learning
  • overcome common obstacles that before stopped you dead in your tracks
  • by pass learning difficulties such as memory issues by discovering how to retain information you learn
  • look forward to learning rather than dread it
  • reduce the time you have to dedicate to language learning because you now know how you can better integrate learning into your everyday life

What you can expect from reading this book

  • Learn language so you can produce it with confidence by learning in a way that integrates what you learn into what you already know rather than just trying to glue things on
  • Save time by avoiding strategies that lead nowhere and by taking on strategies that maximise on the skills you already have
  • Feel you can do it by giving you insights and understandings that light your fire.
  • Enjoy learning languages more and more by showing you a yardstick you can always use to decide whether what you are doing is satisfying
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Reduce the confusion you feel about what you have to do to learn by giving you clear benchmarks
  • Retain the vocabulary you learn
  • Learn how to use your mistakes rather than be worried about them
  • Able to apply what you read no matter what is your preferred learning style
  • Improve your confidence in using the language

How Much For The Language Learning Unlocked?

You may be wondering will this book be worth the money I spend on it.  Even ignoring the value of bonuses ( which is hard to do once you have seen all that is included) imagine in a few months time if you had not bought the book. You may well have enrolled in the next you-beaut course ( spending a lot more than the price of this book), spent hours and hours studying grammar, vocabulary, conversations etc but still you feel frustrated with your progress. Still you are wondering what you can do to make it go better. Or heaven forbid, you may even be considering giving it up because you have made so little progress! All this, depending on your situation might mean missing out on a job or a promotion, or that opportunity or perhaps improving the relationships with people who speak that language (maybe even your relatives or colleagues). 

Or consider having bought the book. You’ll have new perspectives on what you need to do to improve your language learning.  Only one of these views could completely transform the effectiveness of your language learning. You will literally have numerous new strategies and ideas you can work through, many of which you will unlikely find anywhere else. You will find yourself inspired to try new ways of learning because you now understand that learning another language is our birthright not something we should be struggling with endlessly. It is only a matter of figuring out what needs to be done to achieve that. And in this book a lot of that work has been done for you to guide you in what to do and where to look.

If You Want To Stop Wasting Your Time And Money On Programs, Tutorials And Classes That Won’t Really Help And You’re Ready To Unlock Your Language Learning Potential, Then This Is The Solution You’ve Been Looking For…

So now you have read quite a bit about what is in the book. If there are things that you have read have tweaked your interest then you owe it to yourself to explore further and purchase this book. The alternative is to continue with methods that on average result in statistics like these:  only 5% of people who attempt to learn a second language achieve success.

The odds of beating these odds if you keep on using the same mindsets and methods is small. Change is what is required all over the world to transform these appalling statistics. Why wait for the rest of the world to take on board that change is needed? Purchase the book now and find out just what you can do to become an excellent language learner.

If you’ve ever thought there must be an better way to learn a language then you at least owe it to yourself to try the ideas and strategies suggested in the book. The ideas and methods put forward in Language Learning Unlocked have already helped so many people from all over the world.

Digital copy of Language Learning Unlocked – $9.95
Can immediately download

Shopping Cart

Get Your Hard Copy Here


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VENKATA LAKSHMI NARASIMHA RAO - September 22, 2013 Reply

This is a very good article on second language acquisition.As a practising English teacher I can say that most of our students are not able to learn English though we teach many things like pronunciation, grammar and the like.The tips in the article helps the teachers to remodel their teaching in accordance with the needs of the learners

Ksenia Kashirina - August 22, 2015 Reply

The book of Andrew “Language learning unblocked” is a real treasure for anyone willing to master any foreign language. Started to learn English at 6, for all my life I was listening to something like “You have a talent, you are lucky, you are extraordinarily goal-seeking etc”, and I always noticed that in spite of the fact I studied the same program, using the same books and methodology, other students were doing worse then me. But later I started to suspect that many people have the same opportunities to speak English brilliantly and only after reading the book I got deep understating of the difference between my personal learning and others.
Each person is unique with their own talents, values, priorities and it is important to acknowledge this and help people to fulfill their potential and express their individuality. Andrew’s book is incredibly inspiring and motivating, it gives the feeling of confidence and awareness that everything is possible – exactly what so many people need in modern world!

Jessica Lim - November 8, 2015 Reply

Dear Andrew,

I’m an eager English Learner in China.I want to purchase your book “Language Learning Unlock ” but I can’t find it in the Amazon website in China. And, I don’t have those credit cards due to my financial status.Could you upload your book to commercialization at Amazon.CN. All in all, I would like to thank you for taking my request into consideration. Anyway, I would be greatly appreciate if there is any feedback on this issue.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Liu - November 15, 2016 Reply

Andrew is the best language coach I’ve ever meet before. He gave me a very different way of learning English than before. He’s not just tell me the way of learning but the way to actually improve my English. He’s listening to me very carefully then find the problem of mine then gave me specific method to solve my problems.
Andrew is very patient and always got a nice smile. Even someone who just know a little English dare to express his or her mind with simple English in front of Andrew.
No matter what level you are he can always help you improve your English much more quickly than you expected.

Loïc - November 19, 2016 Reply

I’ve really enjoyed this book that goes way deeper than anything else I’ve been able to find on language learning up to now. I’m truly convinced learning a new language is an exploration of our natural abilities (wether we realize it or not). It’s altogether much more fun, easy and natural than we usually imagine.
And we just forget all that, thinking that a language is learned the same way we learn a technical subject.
This book is of great help to me, and will allow me to continue to dig deeper into a lot of areas that seem so obvious on the one hand, but also so weird on the other hand because so little is usually said about it.
So thank you for this work that was really new and valuable. Someone needed to dive boldly into it! Now II’ll do my best to continue this work!

    Andrew Weiler - November 22, 2016 Reply

    Many thanks for your comments. Always good to hear from people and hear about the journey people are on. Learning a language is unforgiving in that it is not possible to hide behind the talk. Great isn’t it! 🙂

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